A role model for volunteer work

Volunteer Feature: Sophia Keith De Guzman


Sophia has volunteered in many different places, and is seeking opportunities!

Sometimes the best way to balance your life is to put more on your plate. Sophia Keith De Guzman knows all about that. “I got involved with volunteer work from opportunities being offered around the community, she said. De Guzman volunteers at Adelaide Home II, a care facility. “I got involved in this particular area through personal
connections. It is through a private owned care-home for those with cognitive and physical disabilities.”

“I choose to volunteer because I believe I’m able to leave a positive impact on the community.” At Adelaide, her job is to assist in organizing fun, interactive activities with the clients, and spend time getting to know them.

This isn’t her only volunteer outlet, however. “I occasionally volunteer at the Solano Food Bank or school-organized events, or any offered opportunities that I come across,” she said. “I’m also planning on applying to volunteer soon at Kaiser Permanente.”

She has been serving as a volunteer since she was a freshman. “For sophomore year, I mostly participated in virtual opportunities because I wanted to follow quarantine restrictions as much as possible, but I was still able to volunteer through various programs offered online,” De Guzman said.

In addition to volunteering, she is also active in Armijo athletics. She’s a member of the Girls’ Golf team and plans to join badminton in the spring.

“When I graduate this year, I would like to enroll in a four-year institution, and obtain a Bachelor’s in Science and major in Biochemistry or Neuroscience,” she said. Her goal is to get into one of her top three universities: UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego.

“I think that volunteering can give you an opportunity to experience something incredibly amazing because it can allow you to feel like you’re contributing to a positivity in our community and strengthening our overall connection as a community,” said De Guzman. “Your interactions while volunteering can even give you valuable experiences and new insights of our world.”