Peace and tranquility run in the family

Sibling Spotlight: Serenity, Serene, and Serena Brown

Braylen Saechao, Staff Writer

Serenity Brown, the eldest of three sisters, shares the Armijo campus with her twin sisters, Serena and Serene. “It does bother me that they go here because people would mistake us for each other’s names or think it was spelled wrong,” she said. “Some teachers and students think we’re all triplets, which is somewhat annoying.”

Even members of their family sometimes mix up their names. “At home they don’t mix up our names a lot. However, sometimes our cousins, aunties and uncles mix up our names and end up calling the other sibling,” Serenity said.

Going to the same school, they all share the same experiences with people. “People always bring up my siblings to me. They tell me how they know my sisters a lot and things like that,” she said. “I’m not really bothered, but it does get repetitive.”

Being the oldest sibling, Serenity feels as if she carries a huge responsibility. “I feel like we’re all treated equally by our family. I do think that I have a responsibility since I’m the oldest sister, and it only feels right.”

Serene (ID photo)

Serena and Serene are twins, but their life isn’t always what people think. “It has been somewhat hard for me growing up,” said Serene. “I had to deal with split birthdays and sharing rooms, which I never really liked.”

“It was hard being twins because we would get jealous or mad at each other because we both got different things on birthdays or Christmas,” Serena said. “We would also share many things, like our toys or rooms, and I didn’t like it.”

A lot of people think twins share the same emotions and thoughts. However, this is not the case for Serena and Serene. “Sometimes I think about what she

Serena (Photo by Daniela Contreras)

feels or thinks,” said Serene. “We don’t really share our feelings with one another so it’s not like we know how we feel.”

Serena feels the same way. “I do think about it, but it rarely happens. Sometimes I think about it when she seems mad or if she acts off.”

While their names and ages are relatively close, the Brown sisters are definitely unique individuals with a close family connection.