Ladies, rekindle those friendships!

National Girls’ Night – September 22


Ethan Hu on Unsplash

Spend a night with your beloved girl friends!

It’s no coincidence that National Girls’ Night falls on the autumn equinox, September 22. The question is, how to celebrate?

National Girls’ Night encourages women to spend the evening hanging out with their best friends to unwind, recharge and make meaningful connections. There are many ways to celebrate National Girls’ Night.

Food is always a good way to celebrate and getting together with the girls to cook a meal or go to a favorite restaurant can be a great way to acknowledge the celebration. While you don’t want to stay out too late on a school night, it might be worth visiting The Original Mel’s Diner, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Round Table Pizza for a local adventure.

Why not get together to discuss a book or go to a movie that Thursday night? Make it a game night and invite your friends. Or gather together at Scandia Family Center or Dave & Buster’s.

National Girls’ Night is a celebration about freeing women from the stress of everyday life. What could be better than connecting with your best friends for a social self-care evening

According to, Ketel One Botanical launched the National Girl’s Night in 2018.

Wherever you choose to go, you can invite your besties by sending them a text or asking them in person. Invite your cherished girl friends. Just spend time with your girls and make it a night to remember. After all, it only comes around once a year.