A name for the latest season

All in a Name – Autumn Becker


Daniela Contreras

For Autumn, the season is year round.

Viridiana White, Sports Editor

Like each season, autumn is marked by several different occurrences and recognized by a variety of changes. Autumn is a special time of the year, but at Armijo, it is also the name of a special student.

Autumn Becker was given her first name by her father for no particular reason. According to Becker, he just seemed to like the name. People recognize her name as the season, but she’s okay with that. While she would prefer to avoid comments about her name and its association with the weather, she said she would not change it.

Becker is the only Armijo student with her first name, although there is another freshman who shares the idea of having a seasonal name, Summer Richmond. Becker has never actually met another person who shares her name, but she said she would like to find someone who does.

“It’s funny because autumn is not my favorite season,” Becker said. Her favorite season is summer, which fits in with one of her favorite activities. She said that she loves to go camping because it’s a great experience, learning new things each time, and being in nature.

After high school Becker wants to go to college. Her dream college is the North Carolina University, and when she graduates, she either wants to be a veterinarian or a race car driver. Both of these careers would work out well with a name as unusual as hers, and maybe along the way she’ll get a chance to meet someone else who shares that name.