Poets, submit your work to the Daily Republic!


Fairfield Poet Laureate, Suzanne Bruce, has begun a once a month column in the Daily Republic called “The Poetry Connection.” It will be published the first Sunday of every month in the Diversions section of the newspaper.

She encourages you to write poems about experiences that have inspired you, whether it be in Fairfield, or California, or somewhere else. Or perhaps you want to share a poem about nature or maybe one that takes on a humorous theme.

Poems must be sent to her at http://[email protected] She must receive them by the 15th of the month prior to publication. She will select one poem for each month. Also with the submission, please include a short introduction about yourself, such as if you are a student, where and why you enjoy writing poetry.

Poems must be 39 lines or less, contain no profanity and written within the Daily Republic guidelines of material suitable for publication. Please type poems in Times New Roman 12 font, black ink on white paper. Also, do not have any pictures or photographs with the poem. Lastly, remember to put your name at the bottom of the poem.

Because the paper can only publish one poem per month, (maybe two if they are very short), Suzanne has permission to hang submissions not printed in the newspaper at The Coffee Bar, 740 Texas Street, in downtown Fairfield. She will mount them on foam core and take them in to hang them on the shop walls.

She looks forward to hearing from you and eager to have this “Poetry Connection” monthly as well as The Coffee Bar to display poems as opportunities to have poetry more accessible to residents of Fairfield.