Opportunities in the future are still debatable

Senior Spotlight – Keimon Lewis

Cooking, video games and so much more make up Keimons senior year.

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Cooking, video games and so much more make up Keimon’s senior year.

Cynthia Ayala, Staff writer

“I think my favorite memory here is of the football games because I get to spend it with friends,” said senior Keimon Lewis. While he enjoyed hanging out with his friends at the games, he never actually got involved in playing high school sports.

After graduation, Lewis is considering starting a business. “I’m not too sure yet what I want to do,” he said. “I’m still debating.”

While he hasn’t made a firm commitment to his post-graduation plans, Lewis has found ways to occupy himself when he is not hanging out at football games or attending class. “Sometimes what I like to do is to cook and play video games,” he said. And his go-to show to binge watch? “I like to watch American Dad.”

At home, Lewis has two dogs – a pit bull and a husky. His favorite holiday is Halloween “because I like going out and dressing up and getting candy,” he said.

While that may sound like he hasn’t grown up, his reflections on life say otherwise. “One of my senior quotes is to ‘stay true to yourself and don’t try to be something you’re not,” he said. “Loyalty over love, for sure.”