Diving keeps Chizer on his toes

Off-Campus Athlete: Manny Chizer, Diver

Diving requires balance, flexibility and drive.


Diving requires balance, flexibility and drive.

Like many students at Armijo, Manny Chizer is a student athlete, but what makes him stand out is what he does when he is not making waves in the Armijo pool.

Chizer is part of a dive team, although at first that wasn’t his goal. He said that he was forced into joining the team, but he is now glad that he has.

“Once I stepped onto the diving board, it became a passion,” he said. That was in January and he now loves the sport and the competition. He keeps himself in the water by playing for the Armijo Water Polo team, too. “It’s not hard for me {to balance two teams},” he said. “Neither team gets in the way of the other.”

Although Chizer has only recently found his passion, he has already accomplished a lot. In the short time that he has been on the team, he has placed incredibly well. He finished 3rd place at regionals in April and ranked 23 out 50. He said that he is glad his coach pushed him that extra step because, without him, he would have never joined either team.