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Restaurant Review: The Maple Bar


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A place to stop for a great breakfast or lunch.

The Maple Bar at 314 Main Street is a newly opened establishment in Suisun California. A family friendly, modern restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch, it is opened from 7 am to 2 pm Thursday through Tuesday. You can enjoy food staples from all over the country, such as Philadelphia, New York, Hawaii and, of course, California.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the restaurant firsthand and immediately felt the modern vibe, with marble flooring, booth chairs, clean bar, and chandeliers. Something I think is cool about the cafe is the split level flooring that leads to more booths. I discovered that the owners of The Maple Bar have traveled around the country to get ideas for their menu and their parents are the owners of Los Santos in Suisun , a great Mexican restaurant/bar on the next block. Knowing the owner’s parents are also in the food industry, I knew the owner was not new to this business.

As we came in, we were greeted by one of their friendly staff who led us to our seats. I noticed the great music that made me want to start dancing and singing.

Although there are a lot of great menu items, some of them can be a little pricey, with meals ranging from $15 to $20. Once the food came out it had an excellent presentation. I ordered the French Toast Combo that includes two different sides, and it was delicious, although it was a bit disappointing that the food came out warm instead of hot. The restaurant is very clean so it does make up for it.

The Maple Bar does get very busy on the weekends, with up to a two hour wait, and they do not accept reservations, so I recommend coming during the week, early in the morning or when school is not in session or on a day you have a doctor’s appointment. Friday, September 2, when there is a minimum day schedule would be a good option, too.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at The Maple Bar Cafe and will come again.