Better than DC and Marvel?

Movie Review – Samaritan

Skylar Willis, Staff writer

Samaritan, which opened August 26, is a powerful new take on a superhero movie. It is in my opinion, better than most Marvel and DC movies that have come out recently.

It’s about a boy named Sam who is obsessed with a superhero named Samaritan who supposedly died many years ago. Samaritan had a twin brother named Nemesis who is essentially the villain of the story. Samaritan fought for justice while Nemesis was full of anger and rage. They were sworn enemies.

Nemesis planned to kill his brother. Everything was going okay until a blast went off and reportedly killed both brothers.

Sam, the main character in the story, suspects his neighbor Joe Smith is the real Samaritan. He and Joe create a sweet sort of father-son relationship during the movie, with Sam trying to get him to admit that he is really Samaritan.

You might be a little surprised to see Sylvester Stallone, an amazing actor even at 76, in his role in the film, but watch out for it! You won’t be disappointed.

There were a few things I wish they had gone into more deeply, such as why Samaritan and Nemesis hate each other so much, but overall it was a really good story. It had a good life lesson in there, too: It’s never too late to redeem yourself.

It’s a sweet heartfelt superhero movie with a pretty big plot twist at the end, but there are several hints about what it is during the movie. It has a lot of action but not to the point where you get bored. It has characters with a lot of growth.

While the Marvel and DC movies have some great characters with good character arcs, I find them to be overrated, especially with everyone arguing which is better. Overall, I enjoyed watching Samaritan more than I expected to. It was definitely worth watching.

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