The letter A is a good place to start

All in a Name – Aaron

The beginning of the dictionary always seems to lead to one of those funny words that starts with not just one A but two. Children tend to be amused to find that those two letters go together in aardvark because it is an unusual combination of vowels to start a word.

At Armijo, however, there are eight students who start their first names with that odd double A, four boys and four girls. Three of those boys share the same name: Aaron. Two of the Aarons are sophomores this year. Aaron Guzman said that he was named after a singer, although he couldn’t be sure. Aaron Rimando didn’t know of any real history behind his name.

While Aaron is not a totally unusual name, people are often fascinated with it. Guzman said that he didn’t know anyone else by that name and Aaron Rimando said that he only knows one other person.

Aaron Guzman (ID photo)
Aaron Rimando (ID Photo)
Aaron Vang (ID Photo)

When they introduce themselves to new people, the reactions are similar. “Sometimes they ask me if it has more than one A,” said Rimando. This seems to be a pretty common question as Guzman also said that people ask about the double A part.

The two share their name with Aaron Vang, a freshman who did not respond to the request for an interview, and they also share their interests in college. Neither knows where they want to go, but Rimando said that he wants to become an FBI agent. With that goal in mind, he is also studying martial arts.

One area where the two Aarons differ, though, is how they feel about their name. “I like my first name and wouldn’t change it,” said Guzman.

If he could change it, though, Rimando said, “It would be Eren because it looks cooler spelled like that.”