The connection between mental health and physical health



Believe it or not, mental and physical health are very connected

Ms. Karina Colatani, one of the school psychologists, volunteered to help recognize the link between mental and physical health. She first got into Mental Health while in high school as a means to find coping skills to deal with her own anxiety about everyday life at school and at home. The subject of Mental Health is an important issue. Now, as an experienced counselor, she is able to be there to help the students not only with school issues but home life as well. She can teach them coping skills and help them deal with their anxiety, as well as provide a safe haven for them to come to speak with someone.

A person’s mind is very much in tune with the body and reacts to stress and anxiety. Not only does a body react emotionally to those psychological stressors, but it can also react physically, like causing hyperventilation, headaches, vomiting, nausea, sweating, and shakes. When a person’s body feels stress, it is difficult to focus and it could affect mood, wherein a person may exhibit anger or sadness. Even what foods a person eats can affect Mental Health, which can affect your physical health. A diet of junk food fuels the body with unhealthy chemicals that can result in brain fog, a sleepy feeling, and an inability to focus both mentally and physically.

The mental and physical aspects all correlate and have effects in all aspects of life. People have to take care of both areas of life in order to achieve balance, with the goal being both mental and physical well-being.