Have you ever tried these methods to relieve stress?



Stress can be caused by many reasons, like work, school, etc.

Ayleth Monserrath, Entertainment Editor

In order to know how to relieve stress, we need to understand what stress is and what causes it. Stress is described to be the feeling of physical or emotional tension. It’s the reaction one’s body creates when in a difficult or worrying situation.

One of the most common ways to relieve stress is to exercise. The exercise doesn’t have to be a stereotypical gym workout. Being active in any way help distract a person from whatever may be causing unwanted tension. Going for a walk, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and more can be really good ways to stay active.

Meditation is also a commonly used stress reliever. Mayoclinic.org says, “Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.” It has been proven by psychologists that mindfulness meditation has become very effective in changing our brains and biology in a positive way. Mindfulness Meditation in other words is just
calming down and breathing slowly. It’s a great practice and easy for everyone!

Finally one of the better ways of relieving stress is journaling. When journaling, a person is to hold nothing back. Journaling is a way to just let everything go. Sit down for a few minutes (most commonly 5-10) and start writing. Re-reading a journal is a great way to self-reflect and even helps individuals figure out how to relieve stress for good!