Connections help officer do her job

ASB Vice President Kaitlyn Edejer


Aldo Suarez

Kaitlyn Edejer leads a busy, but rewarding life

Anne Aguilar, Staff Writer

Associated Student Body (ASB) Vice President Kaitlyn Edejer has been attending Armijo High since her freshman year. Her goal after graduation is to attend Pace University in New York, UC Los Angeles (UCLA), or possibly UC Berkeley.

Edejer loves connecting with people, is often down to doing things often, and lives life to the fullest. Going to gymnastics and growing up in that sport has been her favorite memories growing up because gymnastics helped her learn a lot of things and it’s where she mostly built her foundation.

Unlike other 17-year olds, Edejer has worked with different brands, promoting their products, and she is a social media creator. She also likes doing yoga, going to the City where she grew up, and enjoying her favorite food, adobo.

As a child, Edejer’s dream job was to be an actress, and she actually did some acting for a few years. She decided, however, that being an actress was not what she wanted in the long run. Instead, as she figured out, being a full time social media creator is her goal after graduation.

In addition to being a content creator online, Edejer also coaches an All-Star Cheerleading team, shoots pictures for brands to promote, and works for Pink Door Studio.

Still, with all that going on, Edejer makes time for serving the school as an ASB officer. She decided to join leadership to meet new people and make good connections. Her job as the Vice President is to host multiple events throughout the school year with her team. This year, she will be hosting the A-Team events, as well as others.

Another thing she does as an ASB officer is to look out for the other people in leadership and to help create a safer and nicer environment for students. Her position impacts the Leadership as she strives to get the students to be more passionate about the program.

For Edejer, being an ASB officer is fun and rewarding, and she gets to participate while she makes new memories.