Athlete prep starts with Girls’ Tennis

Coach Matthew Pence, Athletic Director

Girls’ Tennis Practice/Season will start Tuesday, August 9, at 4 pm. Potential players are asked to show up to the tennis courts on campus wearing athletic gear/shoes. No equipment is required but it is encouraged that athletes bring their own, if they have it.

“We welcome anyone who’s interested in joining the team,” said Coach Matthew Powell. “It does not matter what level you’re at, and no experience is required. There are minimal cuts due to safety, team expectations, and/or grade issues (rarely happens).”

ANYONE INTERESTED IN PLAYING AN ARMIJO SPORT WILL NEED TO COMPLETE THE ATHLETIC CLEARANCE PROCESS. Please follow the attached slideshow on how to complete the clearance process. Here’s the link to the new clearance webpage:

Players will use the same login information for If this doesn’t work, a new account will need to be created.. Again, please checkout the slideshow for step by step instructions.

Those whose physical has expired from last season will need to have a new one completed by a doctor or at an urgent care center (there’s one listed in the slideshow). Check email from August 4 for proper paperwork that your doctor needs to fill out, and be sure to need to load to the clearance account.

Questions? Please contact Coach Pence in person or via email at [email protected].