Connections are important


Armijo has been fortunate to have Mr. Brown in charge for a year.

Tori Coolidge, Staff writer

A couple of days before he was leaving Armijo High School, Armijo Principal Charleston Brown stepped into the school library to take part in a personal interview with members of the Summer Bridge’s Getting to Know the Armijo Signal class.

Mr. Brown grew up in Los Angeles and he said that his favorite classes to visit at Armijo this past year were English and History classes because of the way those teachers talked about their subjects. But visiting classes was just part of his job.

Mr. Brown found that, over the course of his year on campus, the hardest part of the job was giving everyone what they want. But the challenges that that goal presented did not compare to the opportunity to connect with students, which he enjoyed tremendously.

Before becoming the principal at Armijo, Mr. Brown earned his degree at Alcorn State University, one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in Mississippi. He studied Counseling and Childhood Education. From there, he went on to becoming a guidance counselor, an assistant principal and a principal at different schools in San Francisco. He will continue his career as a principal at Will C. Wood High School in Vacaville. 

While he doesn’t have a lot of free time between his career and his family, he does admit that he likes to play Monopoly, his favorite board game, when he gets a chance.