Alumni return for hilarious performance


Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

A fun way to end the year for Theater students and friends.

Neveah Cakus, Staff writer

The Alumni Improv Show was put on by the Theater Club on Thursday, June 3. There were some great laughs and comedic fun enjoyed by all. It was great to see all the cast old and new come together to put on an amazing show.

The turn-out was small due to limited publicity, but the show was funny and free to get in. Improv  gets the audience involved in the comedy and the cast certainly did an amazing job including the audience. The younger kids who attended loved raising their hands and calling out characters or places. Students, staff, friends and other audience members had tons of laughs and we were able to get to chat with some of the cast during intermissions. 

Ms. Sheena Beeson, the theatre adviser, has done a phenomenal job with the Theater Club this year, after returning from doing it virtually last year. It has been an inspiration for others to join the Theater Club next school year.