Get it wrong and get it right!

Deadline: June 16; Award: Up to $1,200


Welcome to one of the only scholarships created where wrong answers are encouraged! Who would create an opportunity like this? Meet Lo Easton!

Lo Easton is dedicated to teaching students how to finesse a debt-free degree. After graduating debt-free with the help of scholarships, Lo found that the most difficult part of the journey was gaining the courage needed to send in the first application. This scholarship was created to help ease the fear and frustration students feel around starting their scholarship journey. For Lo Easton’s “Wrong Answers Only Scholarship,” the goal is to get it absolutely, horrendously wrong.

By completing this scholarship you’ll be successfully familiarizing yourself with a scholarship platform, learning the most common scholarship essay questions, and sending in your first application to start the journey!

Any high school or undergraduate student is eligible to apply. Answer a few questions with only “wrong answers.”

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