Making an enjoyable experience through AFJROTC!

Senior Spotlight – Caroline Caro Torres


Carolina is ending her senior year with a smile.

Carolina Caro Torres started Armijo as a freshman and she’s been involved in Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) every year. “What I’m going to miss the most is my AFJROTC teachers,” she said. “My favorite memory about Armijo is the football games and presenting colors for the National Anthem.”

AFJROTC has had a strong impact on Caro Torres. “I'm planning to join the Army Reserves and go to college at the same time,” she said. “I'm intended to major in the medical field. My plan to do after the military is to go work at the hospital.”

In her junior year, Caro Torres started to truly feel the impact of COVID-19, after the schools were shut down in her sophomore year. “When COVID got serious, I was mostly at home, not going out unless for food or necessities,” she said. That left her with time to draw, a hobby she enjoys.

The pandemic made being in class in person even more special this year and she would encourage students to prioritize that. “Advice I would give kids starting the first year at Armijo is to please go to class on time and be on track on your classes and credit every single class matters,” said Caro Torres.

She learned a lot about being responsible from her older brother Orlando. “I can say going to school with him has taught me a lot and be mature.” She also has a twin brother, Rafael, who is also graduating in June.

In the end, Caro Torres has had a memorable time. She said, “I would like to say it’s been a pleasure being at Armijo High. Thank you for the best four years and GO ROYALS!!!”