Living without a dress code


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Wear what you want – there’s nobody telling you otherwise this summer.

Azucena Gomez Mejia, Staff Writer

Now that school is almost out and summer is here, the summer fashion trends are starting. Summer fashion is hard to do with a dress code, but now that our last day of school is approaching, you will not need to worry. 

Today’s fashion trends for the summer range from skin-baring looks to classic party styles. Mini and midi skirts have been trending for a couple of months and are definitely going to be seen more in the summer because of the heat. 

Crochet tops are also very in. Crochet has made a comeback and is here to stay during the summer of 2022. Baby tees can be found at pretty much every clothing store. 

Pair these fun tops with high-waisted shorts, baggy shorts and baggy jeans. If you want to enhance your wardrobe, think colors, prints, and graphics or go strictly basics. Team a white, black ,or gray tank with something colorful and make the accents pop! 

As for shoes, chunky platform sandals have been trending and high-top Converse continue to be popular. You can find these shoes basically anywhere because they are currently one of the biggest fashion trends. 

Accessories that will be trending are tote bags, including woven and crochet styles, come in so many different colors and designs. You can even create your own. 

Make an outfit your own by adding colorful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 

Now that summer is finally here, use fashion and take inspiration from others, including celebrities to find your way of style. That way, when you return to the classroom in August, you’ll be ready to promote your own personal style.