Five students who share the date

All in a Date – June 22 Birthdays

When we started this school year, we were looking at #21 as our focus and now, as we finish, we are focused on #22, so this article will feature a few students who are fortunate enough to celebrate their birthdays on June 22.

Both Nyla Tijerino (sophomore) and Oswaldo Velez (junior) enjoy spending their June 22 birthday with friends and family and neither of them would consider changing the date of their birthdays.

Although they have never met face-to-face, they both prefer to celebrate their common birthday in the same way and neither is bothered by the fact that school is not in session on their special day.

“It never really bothered me that my birthday doesn’t fall on a school day,” said Tijerino.

Velez said, “I like my birthday to be when school is over… The truth is, I like my birthday so I wouldn’t change it.”

Neither Tijerino nor Velez are involved in sports or clubs this year, and neither has siblings on campus, although Tijerino has a younger sister, Kai’Oni, who attends Suisun Elementary. Tijerino admitted that she doesn’t have any family members with interesting birthdays, but Velez shared that his mother’s partner was born on Valentine’s Day.

While they have more in common with each other than just their birthday, they also have very different goals after graduation.

“I still don’t know if I want to go to university or not or just go to work,” said Velez.

Tijerino said, “When I graduate, I want to go into the military. I do plan to go to college.” Her ultimate educational goal is Texas Southern University.

There are actually three other Armijo students who share this birthday: senior Haley Inabnett and juniors Mia Lozano-Asbert and Loyd Williams. None of them were available for comment.