Stranger Things Escape Room

Registration begins June 1


Elizabeth Bell, Teen Services Librarian

In addition to the reading challenge itself, each of the library branches is putting on free programs for children, teens and adults. I am extremely happy to tell you that the Fairfield Civic Center Library will be putting on a Stranger Things Escape Room for Teens on June 25th as part of the summer reading program!

This escape room will be based on the first 2 seasons of the show Stranger Things and is completely free! It will happen at three different times on Saturday, June 25th at the Fairfield Civic Center Library at 1150 Kentucky Street in Fairfield.

Pre-registration is required for attending this event. Some elements of the escape room might be too spooky or difficult for younger audiences, so please do not bring children. The youngest age we suggest for those attending the escape room is age 10. Starting June 1st at midnight, teens can sign up for the escape room at the links below.

10:30 AM: EventId=41015&backTo=Calendar&startDate=2022/06/01

12:15 PM:

2:00 PM: