Principal shares a fond farewell

Principal Brown reflects on Armijos spirit.

Principal Brown reflects on Armijo’s spirit.

Good Morning Armijo students,

As the school year concludes, so does my tenure as the Proud Principal of Armijo High School. I will not be returning as Principal of Armijo High School for the 2022-2023 school year. It has been my pleasure to lead the school in its first year back from the pandemic and assist our school community in Restoring The Roar and Pride, which runs deep in our school’s rich history of 100 plus years. Being a school leader is a demanding job and being a husband and an active father is equally, if not more, challenging.  My wife and I have three children, and a fourth is due soon. We have a 7-year-old son, a 4-year-old son, a 1-year-old daughter, and another boy due in September.  My family is important to me and having the opportunity to support my wife in the morning to prepare our children for school, help with pick up, and be present is priceless! For those reasons, I have taken a Principal position closer to my home, which allows me to be more present and involved with my wife and children in the day-to-day parenting.   

It is a leader’s responsibility not only to lead but also to learn, and this year I learned from each of you, whether conversing at lunch, conversing while getting you to class, riding on the golf cart, or a conversation in the office. The decision to leave was difficult because of the love, compassion, and warm embrace from staff, students, parents, and the district. You made me feel like I have been part of the Armijo family for years!

I believe in Armijo High School, and I believe in each of you and this community that bleeds Purple and Gold. What makes Armijo High School a great place is its diversity, grittiness, and the will to strive for greatness despite the odds. I know you ALL will continue to make Armijo High school a fantastic school for years to come!

Armijo High School Principal,

Charleston Brown