Freshman finds softball rewarding

Athlete focus: Juliana Agosto, JV Softball

Softball is a hit for Juliana.

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Softball is a hit for Juliana.

Juliana Agosto wanted to try something new in high school, so, since her father had played softball, she signed up for that sport.

“I played right field,” she said. Her most memorable game this season was when the Royals won the first game, but she has made lots of other sports memories as well. “I play soccer and I swim as well.”

As a natural athlete and a sister to three brothers, Agosto has had a chance to learn a lot over the years, but she also has a chance to teach through her own personal experience. “If someone wanted to join a sport, I would say just go for it because you never know what you’ll learn from things,” she said.

Playing sports isn’t the only way that Agosto is making the most of her high school experience. She’s also involved in leadership and theater, and outside of school she connects with her church. “In my free time I like to play music and read,” said Agosto.

She hasn’t decided what sport she wants to pursue in college, yet, though. “I’m still trying to figure out where I would like to go,” Agosto said. She won’t graduate until 2025, but when she does she plans on moving out somewhere with her dog before moving on to college.