Wan twins head for Sectionals May 21

Badminton players leave their mark on MELs


Mr. Casey Towner

The season ends, for most of these players, with smiles and success.

Coach Megan Flores, Badminton Coach

Sectionals was beyond words at Faifield High School on Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14. These kids are crazy talented and the support they gave each other and their fellow Monticello Empire League (MEL) participants was amazing to see. The Royals took home a second place award plaque for the tournament for points won by only their two participants!  Looking forward to putting that up at school .

Senior Juliana Delmendo really gave it her all and earned a medal by placing 4th overall in Armijo’s section for Singles. To do this she had to knock out players who regularly played 1st and 2nd in their own leagues. One of these being a player she had lost to previously from Rodríguez.

Then, the twins. The dynamic senior duo, Flora and Faustina Wan, went undefeated in the sectionals tournament giving them 1st place overall! This included two rematches with the biggest rival for Armijo badminton, Davis Senior High. They are now headed off to regionals on Saturday, May 21 to continue their battle to the top. Regionals is set to be held at Newark Memorial High School at 9 am.

Make sure to congratulate them and cheer on the twins as they continue on.

Also shout out to Towner for swinging by for Day #2 and taking some great photos!