There’s a lot to love about softball

Athlete focus – Vinneie’a Brady-Bracy, JV Softball


Repping Armijo as a member of the team is important to Vinnie’a.

Vinnie’a Brady-Bracy chose to go into softball because it’s a sport she has loved “since I was a little kid,” she said. Her mother introduced her to the sport and this is her first year playing as an Armijo Royal. Her preferred position is left field.

While COVID has not really affected her season much, she has talked to friends who shared that, during the pandemic, softball season was totally different from the years before. She recognizes that things are not necessarily ‘normal,’ but they aren’t what they had been in 2020 and 2021. She remembers fondly the first time she hit a good ball this season.

“Another sport I’ve played is water polo,” she said. “I plan to play either water polo or softball in college, if not both.” The colleges she is considering are Stanford, Cal Berkeley or UCLA. Brady-Bracy believes that being involved in sports teaches people how to accomplish a goal by working together.

Other than softball, she learns these skills in Leadership where “we plan events for the school and make activities fun for the students here at Armijo,” she said. “If I could change one thing about Armijo, it would be the energy that the students feel… Students should have higher energy so they can have the best high school experience possible.”

Brady-Bracy has two younger sisters, Peyton and Gianna. Her hobbies include reading, painting, and drawing.