Softball now, softball in the future

Athlete focus – Kalista Pelayo, Varsity Softball

Softball has been good to Kalista over the years.

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Softball has been good to Kalista over the years.

Kalista Pelayo had nothing but praise for her Armijo softball team. “I enjoy playing with friends and Coach Mel helps us to grow but still have fun in the game,” she said. “I look up to my coach since she pushes us to do our best but also enjoys being with us.”

“I’ve been playing softball since I was 8 and played two years at Armijo,” Pelayo said. Things may not always seem equitable, though, as softball is one of the sports that doesn’t charge the same for entry. “I would have the softball games cost $5 entry like every other sport so we can have more reliable funding for equipment and gear,” said Pelayo.

Her most memorable experience was during a Tracy tournament where the teams played until 10 at night and just had fun playing together all day.

Pelayo first became interested in softball because her uncle used to take her to baseball games. Her younger brother Ricky, age 9, plays baseball as well. Pelayo was also briefly a member of a travel ball team for the Phantoms, but currently focuses on playing for Armijo.

As a Royal, she enjoys playing left field and hopes to join the UC Davis team when she is in college. “It is a commitment time wise but it’s a great way to spend time doing something active but also spend time with friends,” she said.

While she enjoys the sport, however, softball isn’t the only thing that keeps her busy throughout the year. She also enjoys practicing embroidery and working.