What he shares makes him unique

All in a Name – From A to Z


Emily Torres Maravilla

One-of-a-kind student that encompasses it all in his name.

Math, science, English, history… to all appearances, Adair Zuniga-Hernandez looks like a typical Armijo freshman, but with a name that goes from A to Z, he is so much more.

Zuniga-Hernandez was born in Fairfield on the last day of May 2007. He came to Armijo from Grange Middle School. His older sister, Rubi, will be graduating from Armijo in June, just as his younger sister Chelsea will be wrapping up second grade at Anna Kyle.

One of the many things that makes Zuniga-Hernandez stand out, besides just his all-encompassing name, is his musical talent. He plays trombone for Armijo and has Band class sixth period, so if you’re ever walking past E-1 at that time, you may recognize his talent.

Another interesting fact about Zuniga-Hernandez and his siblings is that, in addition to having Hispanic or Latino heritage, they are also part American Indian or Alaskan Native.  He grew up speaking Spanish and often still does at home.

Zuniga-Hernandez has managed to keep his grades up and is in the top third of his class, with the potential to soar even higher in the next three years. His teachers speak fondly of him and his independent spirit.

So, while he may seem like a pretty average student on the outside, there’s a lot more to Zuniga-Hernandez than meets the eye. There’s a lot of diversity on the Armijo campus, and this is one student who displays that from A to Z.