Community wins when FNL thrives

Club Focus – Friday Night Live


FNL brings joy to those who receive and those who give.

“Friday Night Live (FNL) is about helping the community in every aspect possible by educating people in subjects that can affect lives in the present or in the future, as well as being a resource to help anyone that might need it,” said adviser Jennifer Ramsey. “We collaborate with other programs to spread the word about important topics that help growth and enrich the students in our community.”

The officers for the 2021-2022 year are wrapping up their experience, but they have been a huge support for the club. They include President Maria Lomeli Loza, Vice President Itzamar Alvarez, Secretary Maria Silva, Treasurer Jade Bondon, and Social Media Manager Cynthia Mojica. 

While Lomeli has served as President since the fall, she has been a member since 2019. The club itself started at Armijo in 2015, but it started in 1984. The club was “developed in Sacramento by the California Department of Health Care Services as a pilot to reduce deaths and injuries among teens caused by alcohol and other drugs use,” said Ms. Ramsey. “Today it has developed to what we know today.”

The club is open to everyone who has a passion to help the community and make a change in society. The members of the club organize events to raise awareness about topics like drug abuse, Teen Dating Violence, Mental Health, gambling and other topics that concern teens. They also do additional activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. One of the main events is an annual collection to create goodie bags and giving them to local homeless people. There are about 15 active members but anyone is welcome to participate in the activities or attend the meetings.

“FNL members create and participate in presentations, organize workshops, and go to conferences that enrich our knowledge while having fun and getting one or other prizes,” said Ms. Ramsey. The club meets Thursdays at lunch in G-7.

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