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Restaurant Review – Fuso / Fusion Italian Restaurant


Cyn T.

Dine at Fuso, where Italy comes to you.

In May, reviewer Komal Hunagund shared on https://restaurantguru.com/Fuso-Ristorante-Vacaville/reviews?bylang=1 a review for Fuso / Fusion Italian Restaurant at 535 Main Street in Vacaville. If you’ve been there, would you agree? Share your response with us in the comments below:

“Really cute place and love that they have an outdoor seating area! 

Our server was amazing and did a great job with helping us pick out our dishes and checking in with us throughout the meal (also, you know you have a great server when they’re able to remember what you and the other person ordered when splitting the bill)!!

The food was great and so were the drinks. Will definitely have to come back!!”