Positive memories in the journey

Senior Spotlight – Jahaziel Kumar


Emily Torres Maravilla

Time is moving quickly for this senior with goals.

In 2018, Jahaziel Kumar started Armijo as a freshman and it’s been a journey full of adventure and connection. “I am involved in the College & Career Club; I am a member of Key Club International, and I attend Christian Club meetings as well,” he said. He also played tennis during his sophomore year.

“There are many opportunities in this school that can help you thrive for success. All you have to do is explore the school entirely and I am sure you will get great things out of it.”

For Kumar, being a high school student during the COVID-19 experience has been “like a rollercoaster,” he said. “This means that there were moments when the district decided to open the school, but then they changed their decision, so there were many ups and downs. I am happy that we are actually back on campus and it is senior year, so I am excited to spend this last year with all my friends.”

“My favorite memory about Armijo would be the events that I attended, like rallies, football games, badminton games, tennis matches, homecoming, and also all the fun moments I spent with my friends and teachers,” said Kumar. “I will miss this campus as well as all my friends.”

When he is not at school building memories, he enjoys playing golf and rugby. He also likes to play drums, cook, bake and play video games.

In just a few months, Kumar expects to find himself attending California State University, Sacramento. “I will be majoring in Business and Administration,” he said. “I am either planning on becoming a Certified Public Accountant or opening my own business after I finish schooling.”

After four years at Armijo, he has learned some of the important points to success. “For students that are just starting at Armijo, I would advise them to make their studies their first priority, and besides studies, I encourage them to be involved in many extracurriculars, which would be very beneficial when it comes to applying for admissions at big universities,” he said. “All the best to all the Royals and I hope that you all are successful with your education and desires.”

Kumar has learned a lot of his wisdom from his mother. “She has taught me how to walk by myself and how to thrive. She is a very hardworking person, and I want to be like her as well.”