Goals for the future are focused

Senior Spotlight – Aileen Torres


Her four years at AHS have been full of adventure and drive.

Aldo Suarez, Classes Editor

For senior Aileen Torres, her years at Armijo have been interesting. “My four years have been good they have definitely changed over the years. Campus has changed, I have also changed, but the changes have been good overall,” she said. “I will for sure miss the vibe and the environment overall.”

While the pandemic created challenges for all students, Torres made sure not to lose the opportunities in her senior year. She was part of the soccer team and also participated in Colorguard, but only one of these are in her dreams of the future. “I hope to keep playing soccer… my main focus right now is soccer.” She’s been playing since she was little and it is something that connects her with her father. “My day plays, so it’s kind of something that we have in common,” she said.

“My freshman year soccer coach and my now garden center are my inspirations since they have always supported me and helped me through the things that I needed help with and they always kind of just been there for me,” said Torres

While it isn’t something she plans to pursue in college, Colorguard is also important for Torres, who started doing it in eighth grade. “I stopped and then would do it on the side, but not really for a team,” she said. After several years, she decided to try it again and enjoyed the year she spent on the Armijo team.

Torres is not planning to go directly to a university but will probably find a job as a social worker, psychiatrist or psychologist for kids when she completes her education. For Torres, her life is all about goals, whether on the soccer or in education, and she’s aimed in the right direction.