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DVD Review – Frida

Salma Hayek paints the stage in her role as Frida Kahlo.

Rotten Tomatoes

Salma Hayek paints the stage in her role as Frida Kahlo.

Google reviews shared many opinions about the 2002 movie Frida, including this one by an amateur critic who calls himself Captain Ron:

While not a huge fan of art, or revolutionary history I found this film fascinating. The characters captivated my attention from the beginning and overall the film was informative and entertaining. I gave it four stars which is really not like me. I suggest looking up her biography prior to watching just for additional information the film does not provide. Wash your hands and stay distant!

On the internet, there seems to be a draw for non-artists to this movie who, once they have seen it, praise the artist featured. Frida is portrayed by Salma Hayek and the film also includes Alfred Molino, Antonio Banderas, Edward Norton, Ashley Judd and more. It is a biography, squeezed into about two hours so a lot is left out, but apparently enough is left in to be appealing.

Jennifer D, a super reviewer with Rotten Tomatoes, said, “I never much cared for Kahlo’s work. Still don’t. But it made me respect the woman more. After this I can see how well suited this was for Taymor’s directing style. The visual effects that worked for her here were very similar in Across the Universe. Outstanding acting and beautiful cinematography. Probably one of my favorite biopics. (Much better than Evita…).” (

If you’re looking for an intense story with a strong female protagonist, this would be a great choice. Would you agree? Feel free to comment below and share your opinion.