Siblings who are polar opposites

Sibling Spotlight: Jalisa and Richard Mason


Emily Torres Maravilla

Jalisa has no problems with sharing the campus with her brother.

Jalisa and Richard Mason are siblings who both attend Armijo High School. Jalisa is fortunate to have Richard on campus, especially when she forgets to bring something to school during 0 period. “If I forget something at home, he can just bring it for me when he comes later on and we only need one ride after school instead of driving to different
other schools to pick everyone up”.

When asked if people were aware that they were related, they both revealed that they do not look similar and are the opposite of each other personality-wise. Despite these advantages, they said that it becomes awkward when they notice each other on campus, as they have only talked once at Armijo!

In addition to being an IB student, Jalisa participated in marching band and planned at one time to be in the dance club. Richard is not involved in the extracurriculars at Armijo, but is interested in video games.

Jalisa and Richard are the youngest to attend Armijo and they have four older sisters, all Armijo alumni: Jocelyn, Jessica, Jasmine, and Jolene. “I think [our sisters] would think of us as troublemakers when we’re together,” Jalisa said. ”It always starts with a ‘I dare you-’ and it most likely will end poorly.”

Richard helps his sister when he can. (Emily Torres Maravilla)

Aside from being students at Armijo, the Mason siblings have attended Dan O Root Elementary and Grange Middle Schools together. As for future plans after high school, Richard is unsure of what college he wants to attend, while Jalisa wants to attend any college that she gets admitted to. “I want something to do with kids or animals. I was thinking maybe a teacher so kids can call me ‘the chill teacher’,” she said.