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CD Review – El Madrileño by C. Tanagana

Check out the album that hits all of the right notes! is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Check out the album that “hits all of the right notes”!

In February 2021, Pa’ La Cultura reviewed El Madrileño – C. Tanagana’s newest album. The writer, who goes by the name of J, was pleased. Do you agree with the review.

C. Tangana’s new album is here. As one of the most innovative artists in the game, you can never know what to expect when the Madrid-based artist puts out new music. For me, when his songs hit, they hit hard. When they miss, it’s really not something I enjoy. For the most part, on El Madrileño, Tangana hits all of the right notes.

El Madrileño is the third album from Tangana. It’s 14 songs, most of them collaborations. Of the collabs, we have songs with the Gypsy Kings, Jose Feliciano and Nino de Elche. Among the best songs of the album are Ingonerable, Veneno, Tu Me Dejaste de Querer, Comerta Entera, and CAMBIA!… These songs may not be the stereotypical radio hits, but they’re masterful balances of mainstream and high concept.

Where this album succeeds is the same area which Tangana has always succeeded, by marrying the past and present of Spanish music. Whereas Tangana’s last albums have had a base of reggaeton/urban beats and rhythms, El Madrileño comes from a place of flamenco and guittara traditions. Splashes of salsa, bachata, and other rhythms make the album spark.

As I said in the intro, Tangana is a high concept artist. His strength, using inventive new approaches to music and bridging the past and present, can also be his downfall. When you swing for the fences, sometimes you miss. There are a few tracks that miss the mark for me. Demasiadas Mujeres, Te Olvidaste, and Nunca Estoy miss the mark for me and I would list among the weaker tracks on the album. When the story of this album is written, I don’t foresee these tracks being the most memorable.


El Madrileño is one of the best albums so far this year (remember, this was written in February 2021). It marries the rich history of flamenco and other Spanish genres with modern urban beats. This album is a love note to the history of Spain and its music. (,of%20Spain%20and%20it’s%20music.)

Check out the review and then check out the album yourself. If you want, share your opinion in the comments below.