Stores hand out free comics on May 7

Free Comic Book Day – May 7


Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Yes, there’s even a day for comic book lovers too. So, swing by your local comic book shop and grab a comic… or two!

Nevaeh Cakus, Staff writer

There’s a reason for comic book fans to celebrate this month. On May 7, Free Comic Book Day will be celebrated around the country, and people are looking forward to collect their free comics at Waterfront Comics in Suisun.

Free Comic Book Day was created on May 4, 2002 by Joe Field. It was designed to encourage people to visit the comic book shops in their local community and to help convince readers to embrace the genre.

For more locations offering free comic books on May 7, so you can share the information with friends and family who don’t live near Suisun, visit