For Armijo’s community of artists

Club Focus: Art with a Purpose


Image by Pat_Photographies from Pixabay

If you love art, then this is a club that you don’t want to miss!

Art with a Purpose is a small art club that is a space for artists. “We range from activities such as mosaics to watching videos to widen our knowledge on art mediums to even helping out our fellow Armijo community by helping other clubs,” said Art teacher Ms. Maria Geluz. The club also grants Community, Activity, Service (CAS) hours to the members so the members can benefit from the things they love.

Art with a Purpose is led by President Jasmin Gomez Alberto, Vice President Fayola Fasuyi, Secretary R. J. Tanimoto and Treasurer Mahri Tiemann.  Although the club has been around a long time, this is the first year that Ms. Geluz has been the adviser. There are around ten consistent members but others come and go as their schedules and their interests change.

Anyone with an interest in art can join the club. They just have to show up and participate! It is a hands-on club, but during Distance Learning, it was engaged in more digital activities and discussions regarding art. “We would watch videos about artists and play fun games,” said Ms. Geluz. “We would also use platforms like where it was a collaborative whiteboard so everyone could draw on it using their computers.”

Art with a Purpose meets at lunch on Mondays in AC-1. In addition to sending out a weekly reminder through the school email, the club also uses the Remind app (armijoartc) to notify our members if there is a change.