The anime soundtrack that “has almost everything”

CD review: Trigun – The First Donuts


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Many characters make up the Trigun story.

In 1998, an anime series called Trigun came out with a soundtrack album, “Trigun: The First Donuts”, for listeners’ enjoyment, and nearly 20 years later, Goatlama reviewed it for Amazon . Have you seen the series? Have you heard the soundtrack? Goatlama found it worthwhile. Maybe you will, too!  

It really doesn’t even matter if you’ve seen this anime. This soundtrack is excellent for anyone who loves some rock, some samba-sounding (if I’m thinking of it correctly, a lot of the tracks have this kinda metallic sounding drum beat that is EXCELLENT) kinda music, and then throw in some rapid-fire beats and beautiful flute, piano, this soundtrack has almost everything! Oh, and some jazzy saxophone tracks as well, and maybe you can guess what genre BLUE FUNK (one of my personal favorites) is. 

You’ll not be disappointed, let me tell you!

Not sure if it is something you’d enjoy? Why not check out this video and let it help you make the decision: