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Book review: Japanese Animation: East Asian Perspectives


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Read about the development of Japanese animation and how it’s evolved!

In 2017, a GoodReads reviewer Francesca Viliani looked at Japanese Animation: East Asian Perspectives, a book edited by Masao Yokota and Tze-Yue G Hu. If you are a fan of anime, you might want to check out Viliani’s review and the book itself.

For the general reader, the book contains some very interesting chapters on specific aspects of Japanese animation, such as gender or foreigner culture. It does also address differences between different art media as well as west and east visual culture. 

The section on historic development of Japanese societies of animation and role of academics vs practitioners might be more relevant for targeted audiences. 

In general I really enjoyed the reading.

If you have a curious mind and this sounds like the type of book you might enjoy, check it out. It is available on Amazon and other places where good books are sold.