Bubble tea satisfies all your needs

National Bubble Tea Day – April 30


Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash

Although bubble tea exploded in popularity recently, it has been around since the 80s!

Dayanara Alvarenga, Staff writer

On April 30, America celebrates National Bubble Tea Day. People can enjoy it by exploring a growing flavorful menu of choices in a drink that is sweeping the nation.

The bubbles, known as boba or pearls, are actually made from tapioca and there are many flavors to choose from, with or without milk and toppings.

Bubble Tea lovers can share the experience with friends by introducing them to the classic or slush styles, milk tea, or punch. Another way to celebrate is to pick a flavor that you haven’t tried before, including honeydew, lychee, avocado or matcha.

If you are not a fan of Bubble Tea yet, April 30 is a great day to change your mind.