Being secretary comes with benefits

Senior Class Secretary – Olivia James-Singh


Emily Torres Maravilla

Olivia continues to show her leadership skills by balancing her duties on and off campus.

Olivia “Ollie” James-Singh started being involved in student government when she was in fourth grade. “It’s always something I’ve been interested in,” she said.

She plans to continue being involved when she goes to college in the fall. “I think it will help me make connections and it’ll be fun.”

She plans to start her college career at a community college and then transfer to a UC to earn her bachelor’s degree. She wants to major in Political Science and minor in Sociology or International Relations. After that, she is considering Law school, but is undecided about her focus. Over the years, she will 

be able to use her Leadership experience in the classroom and, eventually in the courtroom.

James-Singh is the Secretary of the Class of 2022. She also served in that role in her sophomore year. “What I typically do is handle more of the logistics when it comes to class activities because I’m good at multi-tasking and keeping the big picture in mind while planning,” she said.  

 “I honestly like planning school events more than going to them

… Being a part of student government gives me the opportunity to refine my teamwork skills and to spend time with people I normally wouldn’t, which is really important to me.”

Student government is a lot of responsibility and is very time consuming so she suggests those who are considering it identify if they have the time and energy to give the class it their best effort. 

While she is admittedly good at multi-tasking, James-Singh knows that too many commitments can be overwhelming. “Outside of school, I don’t do much but work and hang out with friends,” she s

aid, “although, because I’m a senior right now, I’m spending a lot of my time writing essays for scholarships.

“If I had to pick a role model, I would say my maternal grandmother. She is the most hardworking person I know and she’s always busy but she balances everything so well. I tend to struggle when it comes to keeping track of everything in my life and I hope to become more like her,” she said.

James-Singh has two siblings. Her older sister Kayla is 23, and her younger brother Santiago is 16.