Baseball struggles, but gains ground

Armijo wins 8-1 against Vacaville


Photo by Caitlin Conner on Unsplash

Persistence pays off for Royals Baseball.

To say Armijo started out rough would be an understatement. After some decent victories against sub par competition, the Royals opened up their league schedule against Vacaville, the reigning back-to-back section champions.

On Thursday, March 10, Armijo lost 10-0

On Friday, March 11, Armijo lost 14-0

On Tuesday, March 15, Armijo lost 8-1

Things were looking bleak but the Royals came to practice every day with a positive mindset and looked to improve. It would have been easy for them to shut down, point fingers, blame one another, but they truly took on the challenge of improving and refusing to accept the outcomes of the past.

Finally, on Thursday, March 17, Armijo won 8-1 in a close to flawless victory against the Vacaville Bulldogs. This was the Royals’ first win against that team since 2016. Justin Lundberg threw a complete game and pitched phenomenally.

Armijo Baseball is currently 4-5 and has a home game Tuesday, March 22 against Rodriguez.