Careers that are good for introverts


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Environment and expectations impact employment enjoyment.

As many people like to believe, the ideal listeners have more extroverted traits. However, being an introvert also has its perks in the workplace because they tend to prefer independent work. That means they won’t need supervision to get a task done as they’re used to relying on themselves and their own skills to achieve their goals.

Because of their preference for independent work, introverts find themselves more comfortable in jobs where they can work independently, perhaps even work from home or even run their own business.

There are multiple careers good for the introverts out there! Being an engineer is a good idea, because the job is often more independent than group-oriented and requires deep focus and minimal distractions.

For introverts who pay heavy attention to detail, a job in Information Technology (IT), especially a position as a managerwould be a good fit, especially with so much remote technology.

Those more on the creative side who want to express that while not standing out too much, becoming a graphic designer would be a good option.

Introverts who are into quiet and alone time, or the opportunity to focus on one task or one person at a time, might find being a librarian, especially in a research or college facility, would be a good opportunity, especially for those who love books and exploring technical knowledge!

Introverts have many opportunities to work in research facilities, in scientific analysis or in remote training, but there are also outdoor possibilities like forest rangers, farmers and photographers. If you would like to consider other opportunities, check out Best Jobs for Introverts