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Restaurant review: Dave’s Giant Hamburgers


A familiar location for after school gatherings.

Valeria Perez, Scholarship editor

If you’re looking to travel back in time, to a place where things were easier and oh, so delicious, Dave’s Giant Hamburgers is that sort of local place.

The menu is small: the restaurant offers hamburgers, Tater Tots, shakes and malts. You can dine in and eat at the counter or outside. The cheeseburger was pretty good. It felt similar to a home-made barbeque hamburger but better. The strawberry malt was fantastic.

They have a great amount of flavors ranging from prices $3.70-$5. However, the hamburger doesn’t come with fries, but you can order Tater Tots separately, and that was a recent addition to the menu. They used to only serve potato chips as a traditional side.

The restaurant has some older songs playing, which fits with the ambiance. All of their stuff is fresh, and they don’t even keep a freezer. They sell other things like a taco salad and grilled cheese, but their main specialty is the burgers.

Dave’s Giant Hamburgers still feels like a small place where you feel like you’re in a 1960’s movie set. It is right behind Armijo, maybe about a 10 minute walk. It’s recommended if you’re looking for a unique burger place; there isn’t another place like this in Fairfield. You should definitely try it out for yourself and support this local business.