Blood and gore without Wes Craven

Movie review – Scream 5



New and familiar faces share the suspense.

Valeria Perez, Scholarship editor

Scream 5 takes place 25 years after the original 1996 version. This is the first Scream film not directed by Wes Craven. However, the movie didn’t have a significantly different feel from the originals.

The movie takes legacy characters while still introducing new ones. We see the iconic trio: Sydney Prescott, Deputy Dewey, and Gale Weathers. This time a new killer surfaces, leading older characters to return and the story unfolds.

Scream opens with a phone call, giving us a parallel to the first movie. It has many mentions of the earlier movies in a slightly self-aware manner. Many characters have ties in some way or another with previous characters from the franchise. You could also tell that characters, especially the friend group, are very distrusting of one another, which makes sense for them. After all, anyone could be hiding under the mask, although it was sometimes strange for them not to trust each other since they were supposed to be friends.

In Scream, the murderers treat the characters like players in a game. They like to play around with their victim, causing a lot of suspense. Ghost face mainly used the method of stabbing people throughout the movie, but towards the end, the villain started using a gun.

Scream 5 wasn’t very frightening but more suspenseful with a lot of jump scares. Like previous times it was a bit gory and very bloody. It was overall entertaining, tense, and a good sequel.