Stories that have influenced our truths

In this class – Mythology


Fantasy and reality merge to create mythological stories.

According to the Britannica Encyclopedia Student Edition, myths began as oral traditions, dramatic stories told from one generation to another, handed down.  Later they were written or even made into paintings or drawings, using symbols to tell the details of the story. A few years ago, Armijo added a semester-long Mythology and Folklore class to the curriculum, allowing students to read and experience some of these stories.

“The class is a one-semester course specifically for seniors. It is one of several recent options added to the curriculum,” said Ms. Lynne Herring, who first taught the class in Fall 2020 during Distance Learning and continued to teach it this year.

The 2021 fall semester touched on the Hero’s Journey as featured in  Norse, Greek, and African mythology as well as others. The class is starting again with new students in Spring, students who have recently taken African-American Literature with Ms. Alyssa Phenix.

Over the course of the semester, class members expressed their understanding of the pantheons and the stories in a variety of ways throughout the semeseter, including creating posters and slide presentations and responding to questions or writing essays.

Maybe being in the Mythology Class in the future can help you understand your own beliefs and understandings, or at least remind you of the variety of ways that different cultures have influenced our understanding of the world around us.