Plans change, dreams grow

Far from Home – Kasmiella Biancka Cazi


Dreams come true with hard work and positive thinking.

Kasmiella Biancka Cazi was born in Haiti Port-au-Prince (Carrefour). As a Haitian, she speaks three languages. “My first language is Haitian Creole and my second is French , and my third is English,” she said. Even though she’s only lived in the United States since December 2019, she is fluent in English.

Cazi came to the United States because her parents wanted her to finish high school here and have an opportunity to go to college, but before she came to California, she used to spend vacations in Florida. While her parents stayed behind in her home country, Cazi came to California to stay with her older sisters, her older brother and her grandmother.

“I miss a lot of things,” she said. “I miss my old school (Beau Jardin de Lyne).” Her first school was a Christian school related to the Adventist church and it was quite different from Armijo. She also misses her parents and her friends from Haiti. “I was sad because to leave  my friends and make new friends was difficult,” she said.

She also misses the food “because we have a lot of foods in Haiti,” said Cazi. While she wanted to finish high school in the United States, it was not her original choice to stay in California, but she’s adapting well.

“Armijo is a really great school,” she said. “The day I entered Armijo, I was a sophomore. I was scared because I thought I would never get friends or participate in any activities, but I met some friends at Armijo. They’re really nice.” She also got involved with the Friday Night Live Club and participated in Homecoming. “That was my first time to participate in something like that,,” said Cazi..

After graduation, she plans to go to Solano Community College to study nursing so being in California has its own rewards. “That was my dream and  I will follow my dream because I know what I want,” she said .

“I wish one day I will go back to home and see all my family and my friends…[but now] I need my friends and my parents to be proud of me.” Cazi is now proud to say she is an Armijo Royal