These four years have been dramatic

Senior Spotlight – Aurora Schueler


Emily Torres Maravilla

Aurora shines on the Armijo stage.

Aurora Schueler has been going to Armijo since she was a freshman, but now that it is 2022, she is getting ready to say goodbye to her high school experience. “I’m really going to miss the theater program,” she said. She said that her favorite memory is from her first show as a freshman. The crew had performed All Shook Up and, the very last night, she was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

The Class of 2022 has not had it easy, but at least there is hope after the pandemic. These students spent the middle of their year on a roller coaster with Distance Learning. “It made me appreciate downtime more,” said Schueler. “During COVID, I had so much time to focus on my health and now that we are back its way more stressful than before. It also made me want to do more things I love instead of spending my time working about things I don’t actually care about.”

Schueler isn’t ending her education, however. In the fall she plans to go to a community college for the first two years and then major in film and minor in graphic design. This has been one of her primary loves. “I spend lots of time playing video games and painting, also theater. I love acting!” she said.

While she is prepared to leave Armijo, she would want those coming onto the campus to take some advice for the future that could make things run more smoothly on campus: “Don’t be a loser,” she said. “Just respect your fellow students. We are all just trying to get by.”