A myth that has bullied us for years


Modern myths still persist.

Many of us believe in all kinds of myths, although we don’t always see them as such. Some of us simply don’t know whether the stories or ideas we hear are true or false.

One myth that many believe, even though it is not true, is that bulls become angry when they see the color red. After all, that’s how it goes in all those bull fighting movies.

But the truth is, it isn’t the color red that makes the bulls angry. It’s just the movement of the cape. We know this based on many experiments with different colored capes being stationary and being moved and the bull favored movement over the color of the cape every time. We also know that bulls are actually red-green colorblind and would have a hard time distinguishing red from green, orange, and brown.

What other things do you accept as truth when others offer a different explanation? It took the ancient Greeks years before science disproved what they believed, but we might be challenged much more quickly as science and technology debunk myths regularly. Are you falling for something that you heard or are you willing to look deeper and keep an open mind?