Nothing is sweeter than Nectar


A sweet and life-giving treat for the gods.

Azucena Gomez Mejia, Staff writer

In ancient Greek mythology, nectar is the drink of gods and goddesses. It was a drink with magical properties, described to have a honey-sweet taste.

According to myths, nectar was able to heal any kind of sickness and gave the immortals who drank it the power to keep their powers. Without drinking nectar, their divine powers and immortality would start to fade.

Nectar was a favorite of the deities. It was said that it would be delivered by doves each morning in Mount Olympus. The food of the gods, ambrosia, would then be served up by Hebe, the daughter of Zeus, or Ganymede, the abducted Trojan prince. Mortals in ancient Greek mythology wanted to have this drink, but stealing nectar was forbidden and if those who did end up stealing nectar ended up having to face serious consequences , punishments, or even death.

One famous story about a mortal who did actually try and steal nectar is about a man named Tantalus. He did not succeed in acquiring the divine treat, but he was banished to the bottom of the underworld, to suffer from hunger and thirst forever. Instead, he was tantalized with fruit that was out of reach and water that slipped through his fingers for eternity.

While nectar may have been just a myth, it is now the word used to refer to a sugary liquid of plants that bees collect to make honey, and it is also used to describe a sweet fruit drink that can be picked up at the grocery store, even for those who are not gods and goddesses.