Need help? There’s a class for that!

In This Class: Directed Study


Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

One-on-one help and quiet environment help students succeed.

Sometimes students need a little more help, a smaller class where they can get additional guidance and assistance for their other classes. Many of these students find themselves in a class known as Directed Study NCP.

According to the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) Course Catalogue, the class “is designed for special education students who need tutoring and remedial work for other classes. The major objective of this class is to ensure success in mainstreamed and special education classes. Particular attention is paid to the special needs of students in academic areas.”

The class is offered at all of the high schools and taught each period to accommodate the students who need the course. A wide variety of teachers guide the students. Some work primarily with these students while others teach the class only once or twice a day.

To find out more about this class, you might want to contact Mr. Anthony Gonzalez in  JS-1, Ms. Rebecca Negrillo in C-7, Ms. “Gaby” Mares in B-11 or T-3, Ms. Amanda Gemignani in P-0, Mr. Chris Wiegand in C-7, Mr. Billy Hurst in B-11 or C-7, or Mr. Ryan Jones in B-11.